Mission beyond "Ad Gentes." A Symposium

Publikation der Vorträge eines Symposiums in Melbourne, Australien, anlässlich 50 Jahre Missionsdekret "Ad Gentes" (2.-3. Oktober 2015).

Vatican II was a ground-breaking experience for the Catholic Church affecting every aspect of its life and mission. In fact, the Council left no part of the world unaffected, either directly or indirectly in so far as the Council’s greatest achievement was that it changed the course of the Church’s relation to the world and all human beings with their religions and cultures. In this sense the Church’s service and mission to the world were at the core of the conciliar reflections. This book evolved from an International Symposium held at the Yarra Theological Union of the University of Divinity, Melbourne, Australia on the occasion of the fiftieth year of the promulgation of the Conciliar Decree on Mission, Ad Gentes.

Thirteen papers were presented at the symposium focusing on the contemporary issues on mission, as they exist in different parts of the world. The book offers a window to world mission theology by writers who not only belong to the social and cultural diversities but are dealing with these issues in their mission theory and practice.

Buchangaben: Jacob Kavunkal, SVD/Christian Tauchner, SVD (eds.): Mission beyond Ad Gentes. A Symposium. (Studia Instituti Missiologici # 104), Siegburg: Franz Schmitt Verlag 2016, 243 S. 22,90 €. ISBN 978-3-87710-543-6

Umschlag Studia # 104

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